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You can do this yourself or if you are too busy, we are happy to do it for you for the above fee


To do this yourself

My Website > Site Layout > Mirror External Website


Don't have time?  Fill in the details below and we will do the rest

We will make

  • a custom layout for your sales area within theimagefile to match your site
  • match navigation menu
  • add your logo to every page
  • add an email banner (included on system generated emails)
  • add favicon to assist with bookmarks/favourites
  • add custom watermark
  • add logo for use on Paypal payment pages
  • set-up/advise on Domain Name (DNS)
  • add Social media icon/links
  • make sure that the integration is as seamless as possible.


What do I have to do?

  • complete the form below
  • the fee will be processed on receipt of this form*
Your Name:
Your Login Email:
Domain Name:
Social Media:
Contact Number:


*Not all sites can be mirrored (for example a flash site) if we are unable to closely match your site the charge will be refunded